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We’re here to help. The Enterprise Edition of karma.run offers comprehensive services, technical support and additional features.

  • Access to new developments and releases
  • Instructions for upgrading to new versions
  • Fast-Lane support and customized assistance
  • Consulting for complex data modeling
  • Access to special Licensing Program
  • Webinars and How-To-Tutorials

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Consulting | Engineering | Implementation

karma.run offers highly customized and scalable data solutions for various industries and fields of application. We support companies in developing, optimizing and managing their data applications with our expertise. From concept to roll-out.

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Data Integration

Integrate enterprise data seamlessly from different systems (ERP, CRM, CMS, etc.) and distribute it for applications, services and analysis. Simplify complex data processes and integrate data silos fast and cost-effectively.

Software Engineering

Use all-in-one backend solutions for the development, optimization and management of software applications. Integrate your applications into a comprehensive data ecosystem, manage your data distribution and ensure long-term scalability.

Smart Data Analytics

High data quality is the basis for comprehensive analyses and business decisions. Company data must be identified, understood and made accessible - regardless of storage location, structure or origin. We support you in data preparation for meaningful analyses.

IoT Solutions

Connect your devices and services through a powerful database and application platform. Use scalable cloud solutions, flexible M2M connectivity and utilize the data collected for predictive analytics or increase the efficiency of your equipment and machinery fleet.


Simplify your data import and management for products from different manufacturers. Minimize complexity, redundancy and improve data quality by integrating your ERP, PIM, CRM systems with a flexible middleware - use efficient B2C or B2B solutions to streamline your processes.

Data Modeling

Data models have become a strategic asset and must address complex business needs and dependencies. We support companies with our expertise in the development and set-up of multi-structural data models, so that they can use their assets more profitably.